Task 4. Accommodating learners with dyslexia ? case studies

Task instructions
Step 1.

Read a dyslexic child's account of trying to copy an assignment from the teacher's board. Think about the adjustments you could make to help this student.

Step 2.

Think about on one dyslexic learner you have taught or observed and note down your observations in the chart. In the left hand column of the chart make a list of the difficulties she/he experiences during foreign language learning. Take into account all aspects and areas which require adjustments (see Task 2 and Task 3) so that the learner can be accommodated, then fill in the right hand column with the corresponding adjustments you could introduce with regard to classroom management and the teaching techniques that would make a difference to this learner. Discuss your case study with a colleague who shares your teaching context (e.g. primary school).

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