Task 2. Accommodations in the classroom

Task instructions
Step 1.

Look at a set of cards with descriptions of different ways you can accommodate learners with dyslexia in the foreign language classroom. Choose at least ten suggestions on how to accommodate learners with dyslexia which you think you could easily implement in your teaching context. Are there any suggestions which you find implausible or unfeasible in your teaching context? Which ones and why? Take notes of your thoughts.

Optional step
Step 2.

List some possible barriers to implementing changes in classroom management and teaching techniques to accommodate foreign language learners with dyslexia. Suggest ways to overcome them.

Optional step
Step 3.

Read the International Dyslexia Association?s fact sheet on at-risk students and the study of foreign language at school and write down the additional adaptations that a foreign language teacher can make to create a better learning environment for language learners with dyslexia. 

Optional step
Step 4.
Watch two short videos on accommodating learners with SpLDs. Note down the described difficulties the learners experience and the corresponding adjustments which can be introduced to benefit them.


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