Task 3. Learning about the areas of difficulties in foreign language learning

Step 1.

Brainstorm about the possible problems that characterize dyslexic learners face when learning foreign languages. Put your ideas in a diagram  (see Appendix 4. 3 to print the diagram).

Step 2.

Read the following fragments from the article by L. Ganschow and E. Schneider: ?Assisting Students with Foreign Language Learning Difficulties in School? :

Who may have difficulty successfully fulfilling a foreign language requirement in school?
What do research findings indicate about foreign language study and at-risk students?

and find out about more specific types of difficulties that dyslexic learners experience in modern foreign language study. Add ideas from the text to the diagram.

For homework you can:
Complete the matching activity in which you match the area of difficulty with the detailed description of the problems. You can see the model answer here.

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