Task 2. Input task. Reading about the Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis ? LCDH

Step 1.

Read one of the following sources:
a. the fragment of the article by Robin L. Schwarz (1997) Learning Disabilities and Foreign Language Learning: What causes this difficulty?
Step 2.

Having read the text, answer the following questions:
a.    What are the causes of foreign language learning difficulties in dyslexic learners?
b.    What does the Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis explain?
c.    Is there such a phenomenon as Foreign Language Learning Disability? What does the phenomenon explain?

Step 3.

Watch the PowerPoint presentation about Linguistic Coding Differences Hypothesis and Foreign Language Learning Disability and check your answers to questions in Step 2. Think about your learners with dyslexia if they have any difficulties in their foreign language study.

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